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The number 153 = God's kingdom
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The number 153

God shows us some examples on how He uses the number 153 to represent His people throughout the Bible, but especially within the New Testament era. Sometimes even going a step further and revealing that sometimes the #153 represents His whole kingdom and the #51 representing His 1/3rd... those whom are His Elect.

There are 3 groups of people within God's eternal kingdom described in the Bible.

Each time we find that all three groups are identified with the number 153 in some way.

Aaron's priesthood and the Temple Age = 1530 years
The Church Age was represented as the 153 great fishes.
The Great Multitude's Tabernacles is 153 days after 5/7/2025.


The first people group were the Israelites as they grew to about a million souls within Egypt. After 430 years God freed them from slavery and they left Egypt and their journey as a nation began. Moses was their leader and Aaron his brother became the patriarch priest. Aaron was the final patriarch in the biblical calendar. His generation of Levitical priesthood began at his birth and continued for 1530 years for the Old Testament nation of Israel and the Temple Age.

The second people group were the Christians during the Church Age. When the Lord saves an individual they are never found within the sea. The Church Age was symbolized as 153 great fishes pulled from the sea. God made us fishers of men. (John 21:11 [KJV]) Simon Peter went up, and drew the net to land full of great fishes, an hundred and fifty and three: and for all there were so many, yet was not the net broken.

The third people group are the Great Multitude which no man can number. This Final Great Tribulation began in 1988 and will end in 2025. The feast of Tabernacles is exactly 153 days from the Rapture date of May 7, 2025.
All three great tribulations have a 3rd part. And every 3rd part exhibits the number 5100.

When we add all three great tribulation's 3rd parts together it reveals the number 153.

Jacob's 3rd part   = 5100 months.
Judah's 3rd part   = 5100 hours.
Church's 3rd part = 5100 days.      5100x3=153,000.


All three biblical great tribulations contain three parts. All in simplistic synchronization.
* The first 2 parts of all three adhere to the number 84.
* The third part of all three adhere to the number 5100.
God's salvation plan throughout history flows with perfect patterns. It is simply amazing to see how God formulated each great tribulation's 3rd part to equal the number 5100 utilizing hours, days and months.

After Jacob's 7 year great tribulation, their third part equalled 425 years. Those 425 years equalled 5100 months.
After Judah's 70 year great tribulation, their third part equalled only 7 months which amazingly equal 5100 hours.
After the Church's 23 year great tribulation, this third part will equal 14 years which equal an amazing 5100 days.
All in exact alignment.

When we combine all three great tribulation's 3rd parts together we get the fantastic number of 153 (5100x3=153,000). This number represents God's people waiting to settle into the Promised Land.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
Elijah killed 2 captains with their 50 soldiers but God told him to have mercy on the 3rd captain with his 50.

When we add all three captains with thier 50 soldiers it gives us the number 153.

First captain + his 50 soldiers     = 51
Second captain + his 50 soldiers = 51
Third captain + his 50 soldiers     = 51      51x3=153


When the nation of Israel split into two separate nations under the rule of King Rehoboam (King Solomon's son), the nation of Judah followed the Lord but the nation of Israel did not. The Lord repeatedly sent prophets to Israel to warn them of their wickedness because they were still considered God's people within His earthly kingdom. God has shown us a very many times throughout His Word that His people are represented as the one third.

We see this as the king of Israel sent a captain with 50 soldiers (total 51) to retrieve Elijah three separate times (51x3=153). All 153 represented God's kingdom. Yet, the first two captains with their 50 were destroyed. They represented the 2/3 of the kingdom... an example of the tares spoken of in the New Testament. The final captain with his 50 were given mercy and lived. They represented the 1/3... the Elect.

Elijah's prophetic life within Israel parallels the Church Age and these End Times. For an in depth study of Elijah and how his life represented God's 4 - part salvation plan (the 1,335 days) and his rapture in the year 849B.C., see the Elijah study page.
Once again we find the number 3 representing God's plan/purpose
This time showing us 3 separate uses with the number 153.

1. All 3 captains with their 50 soldiers against Elijah  = 153
2. All 3 groups of God's people are associated with ~> 153
3. All 3 great tribulation 3rd parts combined equalling 153,000