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80 YEARS END IN 2025

Jesus declared in Matthew 24:32-35 that the generation which
would "see" the establishment of Israel in 1948 would not expire
until all End Times prophesies would be fulfilled. And Psalm 90
declares that a generation would last 80 years with labor and
sorrow before it is soon cut off and "fly away".

Israel became a sovereign nation once again on May 14, 1948. In
order for this final generation "to see" this occur they would
have to be born before May 14, 1948.

The previous 50 year Jubilee occurred in 1944. If we assume that
this final generation began during the 1944 50 year Jubilee and
add all the days until May 7, 2025 (the exact date when the 1600
furlongs and the 5100 days end), it comes to a total of 80.6 years.

"This generation" never reaches 81 years!
This matches extremely well with the 80 years mentioned in
Psalm 90:10.

"This generation" of 80 years ends in mid 2025!